"Knowing when and how to use personal lubricant could revolutionize your sex life" *

One reason that couples lose interest in sex is a lack of lubrication.

This lack of lubrication can cause a downward spiral. The spiral may begin with the intimate moments being painful, uncomfortable or not very satisfying. These feelings can begin with the woman as she is the major contributor to natural lubrication for love making. She then may avoid the intimate moments which in turn leaves her partner wondering if he is able to satisfy her or maybe she is having an affair. ....(do you see where this is going)

Here are three factors that contribute to less lubrication:
1) Menstrual cycle (during ovulation is the best lubrication)
2) Postpartum (low levels of estrogen mean less lubrication)
3) Menopause (this major hormonal shift may cause a dramatic drop in lubrication)

OK so now you probably want to know which lubricant is best! Right?

Here are what we believe are the major factors that will impact your decision:

1) Will a condom be used?
- be sure to use one that is latex safe.

2) How long will it last?
- Eros, Wet Platinum, ID Glide & Astroglide will significantly out last KY Jelly, Triad & the flavored lubes.

3) How much do you want to use?
- If using just a few drops are important try Eros, Wet Platinum, ID Glide & Astroglide. If you like a large ammount try KY Jelly or Triad. The Wet Original is somewhere in the middle for quantity needed. The flavored lubes will also take a larger amount.

4) Will a formula specifically for women be important?
- Try Eros Woman or the Wet Light. The wet light has added ingreadients to benefit a women in menopause.

5) Do your intimate moments involve oral taste sensations?
- A flavored lube will bring sweet success, or for lack of taste try the Eros or Astroglide products.

6) Is massage a part of your romantic adventure?
- Definitely use one of the scented Oils for the massage portion of your time together. The smells that are added to your massage time are a huge win in the atmosphere department. You may still use one of the other lubricants for your love making.

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*September 1995 Men's Confidential, Rodale Press, Inc.

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