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New Page 1 Rejoyn Support Rings


An effective  treatment for E.D. and Premature Ejaculation.  Immediately gives you and your partner more satisfaction during your intimacy; safely maintaining your erection for up to 30 minutes   An "average" man lasts 3 - 5 minutes before ejaculation, but for women the time required for climax or orgasm is normally 15 to 25 minutes.  Rejoyn Support Rings will make you last up to 30 minutes!!  

This Rejoyn "Made in the USA" support ring system comes with everything you need to immediately begin using the system:

  • Three (3) Sizes of Support Rings (I, II and III)

  • One Loading Cone

  • One Loading Sleeve

  • One sample lubricant

  • One Zipper pouch for privacy and keeping the parts together

  • Complete instructions

  • Your purchase is covered by: A 90 day manufacturers warranty against defects


Rejoyn Ultimate II Round Ultimate II Hexagon Ultimate II Gel
  X   0
D (no longer available) 1 I 1
C (no longer available) 2 II 2
B 3 III 3
A 4 IV  

*** The Rejoyn Support Rings, sizes C and D, are no longer available.  If you typically use one of these two rings, please use the chart above to find your size in another ring type.  The Ultimate II Hexagon Support Rings have been modified to improve their durability and effectiveness.  This is the manufacturer's recommended replacement for the Rejoyn ring/s. *** 

Are you or your partner dealing with the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse?  Is it the time you've been planning and waiting for?  But now, when you both most want to enjoy all that life has to offer, intimacy has become difficult.  Although not often discussed between couples, erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation  is something nearly one in five men experience sometime through-out their lives.  Whether the result of a medical condition, or not, impotency and pre-mature ejaculation can be hard for any couple to handle.  With Rejoyn there is really no reason why you cannot enjoy a fulfilling sex life as long as you live.

A safe, Easy, Alternative solution; time and again couples happily report a return to intimacy. In the years since release over 500,000+ couples have relied on Rejoyn systems.

No drug interactions.  That's right you will not have to worry about this treatment interacting with a prescription medication that you are taking.  The best part, you also don't need to worry about the side effects from using drugs to address your impotence. A Non-Invasive approach.  With the support ring system you will not use a needle to inject your penis with a drug or need to insert a drug in pellet form down the end of your penis into the tube. A Non-Surgical treatment. While surgery is the right answer for some. We strongly believe that you should try the less expensive and less risky options first. The support ring works because the blood that has entered the penis to make it hard is not allowed to exit.  Often some blood can still enter so you may produce harder and larger erections.  Each kit comes with 4 different size rings.  This means that you can choose the largest most comfortable size ring that will effectively constrict the vein that drains the blood out of the penis. This support ring system has been FDA approved and evaluated through various trials.  This means that you can have confidence you are using a product that is developed to be the best that it can be.  It is a safe choice to treat those who can achieve an erection but not maintain it. Here we must point out one warning.  Do not leave it on over 30 minutes.  You are constricting the blood flow and while many satisfied customers use the support ring system for years you do want to observe the manufacturers warnings. Use of the constriction rings will not interfere with your sexual intercourse or cause discomfort to your partner. Not being able to maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse is bad.  Most men consider ejaculation to be the ultimate determination of successful intercourse.  However, what about your partner? 

*In order to maximize the life of your rings we suggest the following. 1) Use plenty of lubricant. 2) Always use a loading cone. Don't try to use your fingers. 3) Use a smooth steady motion when sliding the ring onto the loading sleeve or vacuum tube. 4) Don't leave the ring on the loading sleeve or tube for extended periods before placing on the penis. 5) After use, wash, dry and return the ring to its plastic bag, remove the air you can and seal tightly.

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