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Our Rejoyn refill erection support rings cannot be found anywhere else.  They are high quality medical grade, FDA Approved support rings and include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  The $15.00 charge is per ring.  Simply place the ring on the base of the penis to safely and effectively maintain an erection for up to 30-minutes!  It's that easy.

This is the same brand support ring that is shipped with all Pos-T-Vac and Rejoyn brand Vacuum Therapy Systems, or Penis Pumps.  All of the support rings may vary slightly in material, design and/or sizing.  This support ring runs slightly larger than all of our other support rings. 

The interior diameter of the center ring will not be a true indicator of the size that will be effective for you because of the stretch, or give, of the ring.  Two men of the same exact size girth (fully erect) may use two completely different size support rings because each may need a different level of pressure applied to effectively maintain an erection.  If you have never used a support ring and are not sure which size to try, you may guess and exchange sizes if the size you chose are incorrect, otherwise, we suggest that you purchase a ring kit which includes each size of the Ultimate II support rings.  This is a great way to try several sizes before ordering other types of rings.  If you purchased a vacuum therapy system, or pump, from us you would have received three (3) Ultimate II support rings sizes l,ll,lll, and should be able to chose a size based on that. 

Below you will see a comparison in sizes between all four types of support rings that we carry.  This Rejoyn Support ring comes in Two (2) sizes as follows:

D (no longer available) Small 1/2inch
C (no longer available) Medium 5/8inch
B Large 3/4inch
A X Large 7/8inch

Support ring comparison chart (comparison is based on measurement, as well as stretch/give):

Rejoyn Ultimate II Round Ultimate II Hexagon Ultimate II Gel
  X   0
D (no longer available) 1 I 1
C (no longer available) 2 II 2
B 3 III 3
A 4 IV  

The support ring helps maintain an erection until the ring is removed.  The Penile support ring helps to prevent the loss of an erection during intercourse.  May promote firmer, longer lasting erections.  Easy, Safe and comfortable to wear.  The Rejoyn Support Ring is made of soft, medical grade silicon, a non-Latex material.  Rings are reusable.

*** The Rejoyn Support Rings, sizes C and D, are no longer available.  If you typically use one of these two rings, please use the chart above to find your size in another ring type.  The Ultimate II Hexagon Support Rings have been modified to improve their durability and effectiveness.  This is the manufacturer's recommended replacement for the Rejoyn ring/s. ***