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CyberWorld Marketing LLC has engaged in e-commerce since 1996, providing FDA Approved treatment products for Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence, and Incontinence/male bladder control, as well as many other sexual health, enhancement and educational products for both men and women. We consistently receive Excellent and Good ratings from our customers!  We provide you with a place to purchase intimate products in a private manner. You can shop here 24 hours per day, every day, all year.  All orders are processed in a very discreet manner and are shipped within one business day from receipt.

CyberWorld Marketing LLC
P.O. Box 46469
Plymouth, MN 55446
1 (888) 4REJOYN, (473-5696)

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Credit Card Information: Orders are processed by "CyberWorld Marketing" This is the name that will appear on your credit card statement. We use an independent third party, (Hacker Safe), that is tested daily to ensure credit card security. We import orders into an in-house software system that encrypts the credit card information to protect against hackers. The credit card numbers are then deleted from the Yahoo store within 30-days. We take customer privacy and protection very seriously and take all necessary steps and safety precautions.

Shipping Information: 1) Our policy is to process, fill, and ship all orders received within one business day of receiving the order. 2) Orders are shipped using the method of customer choice. 3) We can ship to different addresses, each address will be treated like a different order. Please fill out a new order for each delivery address. 4) You should receive an automatically generated email from the yahoo system when your order is successful and is available for us to process. 5) When we have processed your credit card, and packed your order we will put a delivery confirmation tracking number on the package and enter it in your order information. We then "Update" your order information and you should receive an e-mail that indicates that your order has shipped, including your tracking information.

Shipping & Handling Charges: We believe our shipping and handling rates to be very competitive and fair, as well as our product pricing. There are several costs involved in shipping packages and we would like for all of our customers to know exactly what they are being charged for and why. To have a better understanding of how we calculate the price you pay for shipping and handling we have put together a detailed list of our costs for handling and shipping your merchandise. Please keep in mind that some of the following detailed costs are divided among thousands of orders which means that the shipping and handling rate you are paying may only be increased by pennies for some of the following items.

Our shipping and handling charges are based on the following:

POSTAGE. This cost is based on the weight of the package and shipping method, i.e. First Class, Priority, Ground, Express, etc. INSURANCE. We insure all packages through the shipping company as well as in-house. If your package is lost/misplaced, stolen, late, damaged, etc, we will replace it at no additional cost to you. Even if the shipping company will not cover the cost, we will still replace your package immediately, and at our cost. TRACKING & DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. We pay additional fees to be able to track all packages that are shipped out and to get confirmation when they are delivered. This benefits our customer to know when to expect their package and in the case that a package does not arrive on time, or at all, so that we can replace the package and/or take steps to expedite the delivery. PACKING MATERIALS. We pay a separate cost for each of the following: boxes, padded envelopes, packaging peanuts and other padding, tape, labels, printer rental, ink, etc. This cost is very minimal when divided among all packages that are shipped, but it is an added expense for shipping packages. LABOR COSTS. We employ an entire department to package and ship your merchandise. POST OFFICE DELIVERY. All packages that are shipped via the US Postal service are hand delivered to the Post Office by an in-house employee. This ensures that your package is shipped out the same day that your order is processed, rather than waiting until the following morning for pick up. OTHER. There are a number of additional miscellaneous costs we accrue to ship packages such as obtaining and maintaining specific software systems, our emailing system for sending customers their tracking information, etc.

During the order process the charge for shipping and handling will be displayed exactly before you are asked to pay. so -- -- > ADDING ITEMS SAVES YOU MONEY! Then you choose how fast (and how expensive) you want your products to be shipped! Express orders will have an additional $2.00 handling fee. Please note that the USPS does not have a guaranteed overnight program for all locations. Some locations are 2nd day delivery. Orders to Canada Please choose the option of "Canada" for the shipping option. Foreign orders may require special handling and payment processing delays up to 3 business days due to Fraud potential. Please note the actual shipping costs have increased significantly in the last few years. All overseas shipments will be sent small package air mail! They will have a customs form attached and it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay any customs fees due. We will add up to an additional $12.00 to foreign orders. Please note choose only the "Foreign & Non-USA address" for the shipping option. Foreign orders - Do not select any other shipping option as it will delay your order processing. Those services are not available!!!

Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with an item that you ordered please:
*Contact us immediately by phone or email, 1.888.473.5696, to inform us of the return and a brief reason why you are returning the merchandise.

*ALL returned merchandise must be post-marked within 30 days of your purchase date!  ALL pumps and pump packages may be returned after use, but all items within the package must be returned and you must clean the items prior to returning.  Certain items within the deluxe pump packages may not be credited if opened and/or used, (i.e. if you open 2 bottles of lubricant you may not receive credit for 1 of the bottles).  ALL other products may ONLY be returned if they have not been opened or used. 

*We do not credit for shipping & handling charges.  Credit to your account, or card, is typically processed within 10 business days from receiving the returned package.  Once processed on our end it can take a few days to reach your account, and may show as a pending credit for a few more days, depending on your bank/credit card company.

*Returns are treated separately from Warranty issues.  If you received a product that you believe is defective please contact us immediately so that we may assist you on an individual basis.  We are able to replace certain products under warranty guidelines if notified within 30 or 60 days, and certain products are replaceable by the manufacturer.

CyberWorld Marketing LLC has engaged in on line commerce since 1996! Here is a great tip - to bookmark a site - - - "Ctrl D"! Bookmark this site for great intimate products value! All Packages are return address of: CyberWorld Marketing LLC 12805 Industrial Park Blvd Plymouth, MN 55441. Payment may be made with a credit card selected from the list, by your personal check, cashiers check, or money order. When sending a paper payment please use the "special arrangements" selection and make a note in the comments section how you will be paying. Orders over $125.00 may be held until the check clears.