Pos-T-Vac ErecTech Battery Operated Penis Pump Head

BOS Pump Head
BOS Pump Head
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Product Description


This Battery operated head when added to your REJOYN Vacuum Therapy System (or any penis pump/vacuum therapy system) is simple to use. One press of the button and the motor begins a smooth steady pumping action that will provide the most natural method of gaining an erection using a Vacuum Therapy System.

Other functions are the same as the basic manual operated Vacuum Therapy System. After the vacuum has drawn the blood into the penis a support ring is slipped from the tube to the penis in order to hold the blood in the penis to maintain an erection.

This package includes:

  • One (1) Battery operated pump head

This is not a complete system - you must have one of our penis pumps/vacuum therapy systems in order to use this pump head! If you do not own a Vacuum Therapy System yet you may purchase the Battery Operated system directly. Click the Battery Vacuum Therapy System