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This is the Rejoyn re-usable support sleeve that can be used again and again.  In order to extend the life of your support sleeve you should only use water based lubricants during use and after use the sleeve should be washed, dried, and stored in a sealed container or bag.  You can also purchase extra condoms or comfort covers. 

SIZES: Small 1 1/2"  or  Large 3"

SIZING: Measure your flaccid penis so the head would still be protruding beyond the end. This should provide you with a good idea of which size you will need.

The Support Sleeve System is designed as an aid to enable a man with a flaccid or partially erect penis to engage in intercourse. The patented support sleeve provides the rigidity you need for intercourse. The Sleeve is worn externally and will increase the diameter around your penis when fully erect.  Because many men will climax before the woman is satisfied this can be a great way to allow two people to enjoy love making until both partners have been satisfied. A Safe, Easy, Alternative solution time and again, couples happily report a return to intimacy.

This is the time you’ve been planning and waiting for. But now, when you both most want to enjoy all that life has to offer, intimacy has become difficult. Although rarely discussed, impotency is something nearly one in five men experience sometime through-out their lives. Whether the result of a medical condition, or not, impotency can be hard for any couple to handle. 

Includes the following:

  • One (1) Re-usable Rejoyn support sleeve
  • Two (2) Comfort covers
  • One (1) Sample lubricant


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